Flying with Singapore Airlines is to begin the journey to the great! Rome-Singapore-Bali, the flight is on time. We land at Nghurai airport in Denpasar. Just outside we are greeted by a warm and just at that moment we realize that we are really far away from the cold winter in Rome. In order not to spend too much, we suggest not to stop immediately at the exit, but walk a little and get to the main road to hail a taxi on the road at an affordable price.

Stopped ours, we head to the hotel. The Vilarisi is a typical Balinese hotel in the heart of Kuta, simple, cute and very cheap. After getting settled and changed, is really hot, we go aimlessly … our adventure begin. Bali is an island large enough, there are those who believe that the real Bali is the southern part, while others think the exact opposite. The chaotic Kuta, a collection of small streets that weave, full of shops, bars, restaurants, massage centers and scooters and the exclusive Seminyak, luxury resorts, and restaurants are lively 24 hours 24. Towards the end of the year ‘ 60 Bali has become a milestone for all the hippies who traveled between Australia and Europe as well as a meeting place for all surf lovers! Kuta was originally a place to relax and indulge at the slow pace and quiet of the East. Over the years, economic development has transformed it into a place constantly growing and expanding and making it more and more chaotic. Legian, to the north, has thus become a relatively quiet area. Certainly Kuta remains the heart of worldliness, fun and surf!

In fact, what strikes you immediately is the chaos of motorbikes, buildings under construction, surf shops and of course the bars. Our first outing can only end with a massage in one of the massage centers present along almost every street.

We spend the first day in Kuta beach, a long beach equipped with sun loungers, vendors of soft drinks and surf instructors available! Pay attention to swim, there is no reef, the sea, that seems so calm apparently, shakes suddenly forming very high waves that easily take you off. The lifeguards are always on alert and if you try to get away are ready to call you back with their whistles!

The second night we decide to go to Jimbaran to have dinner in a typical local seafood warung. The beach of Jimbaran is known for the many simple warung where to spend the night, eat good fish and admire the sunset.


The following days, we begin to discover other beaches, visiting Balangang beach nestled in a valley to whom it’s possible to arrive through a long staircase. Fine sand, crystal clear sea. The arrival of low tide uncovers a backdrop made ​​of rock and with pleasure we decide to walk on that part of the sea now discovering. We note a number of small huts on the beach, are rooms that can be rented and where to spend the night if you decide to stay in this beautiful beach.

We spend the Easter Sunday in Nusa Dua literally “two islands”, two small headlands on each of which stands a small temple. Wide and beautiful beach, protected by a coral reef, is considered one of the most exclusive areas of Bali, where there are several luxury resort, away from traffic and the worldly life and where we decide to grant an afternoon of relax!. It ‘s time to immerse ourselves in the spiritual life of Bali. We rent a car and leave. Some of the most holy sites are located in western Bali, including the Pura Tanah Lot. Bali is famous for its sunsets and for its temples, big and small are everywhere and very evocative. The Tanah Lot is considered one of the most important and venerated sea temples, and this is one of the most visited places in Bali. Unfortunately, most of the temple was rebuilt and only a little part of the original remains. Despite this and despite the crowds of tourists it preserves a unique charm and will remember it as the place where to have witnessed one of the most spectacular sunsets ever seen.

Along the southern coast of Bali, we visit the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu. Perched on a cliff that drops to the sea, is another important place of worship in Bali. We walk along the cliff admiring the sea views and breathtaking scenery. The presence of the Apes is immediately obvious, it seems that the Temple is also known as the Temple of the Apes. Be careful while walking along the reef, small animals are on alert ready to pounce and take something away ..! Along the road to Ulu Watu, we stop at a farm where they produce different types of coffee including Lua coffee: Lua is a small animal that is bred and whose droppings are used and processed to get a great coffee.

10 days is not enough to visit all of Bali, in fact we leave this lovely place with the ‘idea of ​​returning to continue to explore it and with the awareness of being in contact with a small part of a chaotic world, that still maintains a strong spirituality from which we inevitably affected and remained fascinated.