Air France-KLM


Until the end of December 2017, Air France-Klm and Roma Marche Linee will provide free bus transport to all the passengers owning Air France or KLM flight tickets leaving from Fiumicino airport for long distance travels and vice versa.

"This is for the thousands of people from Marche that every year travel using Fiumicino airport. Everyone, with Air France and KLM, can reach the airport and leave to more than 230 destinations all over the world."
-Lucia Impiccini, marketing director, italian section of Air France-KLM.

"To upgrade our customer service and for the safety and the respect of the environment, RML and Air France-KLM made a deal to reach the hub of Fiumicino airport for free. This is for everyone from Marche, now able to travel to more than 230 worldwide destinations more easily thanks to this direct connection to the roman airport."
-Nicola Biscotti, RML president.

The customers will just need to fill the online module (link below) to receive, in around 48 hours, a confirmation message in their RML account, containing the availability of the free vouchers. After that, they can book their bus transport from Marche to Fiumicino airport and vice versa.
The voucher must be shown on the bus.

Roma Marche Linee departs to Fiumicino airport 4 times a day.

Module link